Scientist Questioned the Anti-Aging Effect of the Vitamin C Serum

Scientist Questioned the Anti-Aging Effect of the Vitamin C Serum

Now anti-aging serum contains Vitamin C, has been one of the most popular anti-aging products. While the manufactures claim that their vitamin C anti-aging products have been proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Recently scientists are questioning this and claimed that the anti-aging Vitamin C serum is not better than drinking a glass of lemon juice. Is it true?

According to numerous studies, Vitamin-C is an essential building block, during the process of collagen formation in the skin and, it also serves to develop the elasticity of the skin; reduce skin mark, and increase the skin’s luminosity. But here is one thing deserted by most people: most research focus on dietary Vitamin C, rather than applying vitamin C directly on top of skin.

The skin tissue is composed of several layers, and because of its natural skin protection mechanism, the skin allows only a small amount of water and fat-soluble substances.

Dr.Kong, a pharmacologist who did skin research for years, recently pointed out that: the effects of most serums containing Vitamin C are hardly to achieve its desired results due to the following reasons:

1. For skin care products, any ingredient should have the following features in order to function. In reality very few ingredients can comprehend all of the functions below:

It can penetrate the skin cell
It can coat the outside of the skin cell wall so it will not degrade immediately,
It should be absorbed very quickly by the skin

2. Some anti-aging creams or serums are not delivered at adequate quantity into the skin. It causes lack of effectiveness because it has been proved that the efficiency of the Vitamin C serum is proportional to the concentration, but only up to 20%.

3. Most Vitamin C contain anti-aging products, L-Ascorbic Acid, a water soluble, natural form of Vitamin-C, is used as the primary Vitamin-C form. But L-Ascorbic is a very unsteady ingredient because it will quickly become ineffective and lose its effectiveness. That’s why many skin care products add extra binders and stabilizers to make it stable. But it causes another side effect because it prevents it from penetrating into deep layers of the skin. Another fact is because its water soluble it means L-Ascorbic acid goes to the inside of the cell (water) rather than the outside. But most free-radical damage happens on the outside of the cell. So in fact it has very limited effect on preventing aging. Moreover, as a very acidic ingredient it also causes skin irritation easily.

4. The most stable form of Vitamin C is called Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate. But due to its high price most skin care companies use L-Ascorbic Acid rather than MAP.

6. Some do not chemically convert to the biologically active form of Vitamin C in the skin.

7. Medical studies have shown that the nutrients necessary for the metabolism of skin tissue, such as sugar, fat, protein, electrolytes, vitamins and water, mostly come from the blood supply to the small blood vessels of the dermis. Cosmetics, skin care products in a variety of nutrients, even partially penetrate the skin; can only result in a superficial effect.

How you can prevent aging from the root?

The best way to prevent aging from the root is to improve the blood circulation under the skin tissue. This can be achieved by doing exercises on a regular basis, applying effective anti-aging essential oils that are fat-soluble and with small molecules, or do facial massaging. Dr.Kong recently created an eBook, it introduces a very effective anti-aging technique that you can do at home easily. It is very safe and the result is almost immediate. If you are interested you can find the eBook here.

Younger Next Day

Dr.Kong, MD. Ph.D. the author of In the book Dr.Kong revealed an anti-aging technique that combines using of anti-aging essential oil and an ancient anti-aging technique to improve the facial blood flow, thus treating skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, and black circles, Etc from the root.


Katy Wilson’s Psoriasis Remedy For Life Review: 9 Benefits You Should Know about Psoriasis Relief For Life!

Katy Wilson’s Psoriasis Remedy For Life Review: 9 Benefits You Should Know about Psoriasis Relief For Life!

Psoriasis Remedy For Life Review (Katy Wilson)

Psoriasis Remedy For Life review intends to show users that this book is truly not quite the same as different medicines in its field on the present business sector, and on the event that you need to comprehend what you will accomplish and gain from the book, you ought not to skip this program’s review! Huppert Le – the genuine usersaid that this item gives users a ton of helpful information, including approach to alleviate:

psoriasis remedy for life review

The overflowing, excruciating, and splitting patches on your skin

The draining or blazing that happens around your joints

The brilliant scales that appear to emit for reasons unknown

The aroused, red irritated skin

Pustular Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis

Advantages Of The System

Purchasing Psoriasis Remedy For Life and tailing it precisely, you will have the capacity to accomplish a great deal of advantages, including what you have never thought you can:
You will get the best results once and for all – an absolutely agreeable existence without psoriasis or any undesirable reactions perhaps came about because of the treatments: Most strategies contained in this digital book depend on nature. They likewise have been attempted and tried on a huge number of sufferers and are proven valuable.

psoriasis remedy for life review 2

9 benefits you should know!

  1. The Digital book and 7 free bonuses are accessible online for downloading and installing:
  2. She offers 24/7 support and help.
  3. Katy Wilson offers a 100% money back guaranteed in the event that her system does not work for clients’ issues.
  4. It is simple for clients to download and install.
  5. Katy’s product spares time, money, and efforts for users.
  6. With included diet plan, users can detox the body and enhance the body immune system.
  7. What’s more, the author of this book additionally gives her customers’ detailed information; in this way, clients can utilize it effortlessly and take after with no issue.
  8. This treatment is known as a proven strategy, which covers protected and natural methods.
  9. Psoriasis Remedy For Life brings users with a mind boggling, and they don’t stress over their skin, and they get to be sure to go out.

Cost Of Psoriasis Relief For Life

On the event that you are among individuals who need to stop the nervousness about spending a tremendous measure of money, time, and efforts attempting a few of online or printed archives for psoriasis medications, you ought to peruse this segment precisely in light of the fact that what I am giving will truly knock your socks off! I think the issues I specified above are really making you tired in light of the fact that that reason is the main reason to peruse this whole Psoriasis Remedy For Life review. Presently, with a moderate one-time cost at only $29.97 (rather than the genuine worth at $97.99), you have right to get the most recent and most straightforward yet helpful solutions to get clear skin without psoriasis inside of a brief timeframe.

With its 60 days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Psoriasis relief for life

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Coconut Oil Secret Review (Jake Carney): New Coconut Oil Secrets Exposed!

Coconut Oil Secret Review (Jake Carney): New Coconut Oil Secrets Exposed!

Coconut oil is a vitamin and mineral rich naturally existing gift of nature. It has more benefits than normally accredited to it. Living a long and healthy life is what is idealized by health conscious people; coconut oil is an exceptional product of nature to serve several body care purposes. It is not a product to use fortnightly, rather for its best utility, it should be used regularly. Here are some reasons as to why should one use coconut oil daily.

Coconut Oil Secret by Jake Carney Review

Jake Carney is his piece of work of great value, mentions four oils that are actually harmful for human consumption. This particularly includes eating of these oils. He strongly advocates that naturally produced and achieved oils must remain in their most natural possible form. Over processing, as he cares to call it, is the main culprit as to why true nutrition of oils is lost and they become harmful for human consumption.

Here is why to prefer coconut oil over these oils

Canola oil should be avoided: It is empirically found that in natural environment, insects and animals avoid canola oils for being unsuitable. Jake mentions that this is because this oil is just not meant for organic bodies like human beings to use. Let alone, to eat. This oil can cause cramping of muscles and deposition of lots of fat in the body.
Cottonseed is a pesticide: Cottonseed oil, although is not abundantly eaten but there are places where it is still used for cooking and for applying on skin. Cotton as plant is tolerant towards every kind of pesticide that a farmer can possibly spray it with. Considering the amount and level of toxicity that these plants are notorious for carrying, the oil extracted from this plant becomes very harmful for human consumption.
Safflower oil causes heart attack: Omega 6 is increased tremendously with the use of this oil and doctors strongly forbid from eating this oil as it increases the threat of heart attack to a great extent. Cholesterol is notorious for being a killer and a prime cause of heart attacks. But, it is worth mentioning here that it is actually Omega 6 that should be feared.
Soybean is abnormal: As is strongly supported by body builders for being a great food supplement, soy bean is not good for consumption by less active bodies. It seeds up the process of hormone generation leading to sudden sky rocketing of energy that is much needed for ripping muscles. But like steroids, it comes with great consequences. Thyroid damage and hormone disruption are very small problems that come with the package.
                  Here is what can be found in the book!

The book provides valuable information regarding what to fear from and what not to. Cholesterol has been pointed out as a cause of heart attack since a long time. Based on that, a theory named Lipid Hypothesis was created that nothing but scared people off from using saturated fats. Jake proves in the book that the theory is a hoax and makes no sense at all. He takes source from recent medical finding about link between cholesterol and heart attacks.
The book also includes a list and detail of substances that are rendered unsafe for human consumption and therefore must be avoided. Margarine is a very popular breakfast bread wetter that is criticized by Jake in his book. He is of the view that it doubles the risk of heart attacks. The key, according to Jake is to use as natural a thing as possible. French, he gives the example for having the lowest rate of coronary diseases despite of being high on fat consumption.
The book speaks in a non technical manner and uses no technical terminologies. Medicinal information can be difficult to understand and hence requires a very plain and simple text for a lay man understanding. Coconut oil is the number one ranked super food according to Jake Carney and the book details about why is it so.

Coconut oil can make people look good too, in addition to making them healthier!
It is observable that people living in tropical areas have beautiful skin. They do not have wrinkles and the complexion is very good too. They not only eat coconut oil as part of their diet but also apply it on their skin for the best of its health. Coconut oil refreshes the skin and kills all kinds of bacteria that are found on the skin. This oil includes vitamins E and D. The oil used in spa and massage is also in most cases coconut oil due to its healing abilities. This oil can also be used for infants bearing rashes. The book adds into the text mentioning that in addition to all this, coconut oil is also an exceptionally good brain tonic.

Undesirable Effects of Coconut Oil in Over Consumption
Like all other good things, coconut oil too is best when used under a prescribed limit. Breastfeeding and pregnant women, on top of everyone need to make sure they do not over consume the oil. Doctors advise that since coconut oil is very hot in nature, it is always best to consume it in small quantity. For most people, coconut oil, only to a limit found in food is sufficient. However high or low cholesterol might be in health risk, it is still better to keep it away as it can still cause heart attacks.
The book Coconut Oil Secret by Jake Carney comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. It includes medically proven evidence to reinforce the idea and to prove the point of the author who claims that the oil is safe to use.

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Coconut oil secret

Derma Active Anti-Aging Eye Serum Free Trial Review – Excellent Alternative For Botox Injections And Dermal Fillers

Derma Active Anti-Aging Eye Serum Free Trial Review – Excellent Alternative For Botox Injections And Dermal Fillers

Derma Active Serum distinguishes itself as one of a kind eye serum and provides results that will make you look younger, refreshed and radiant with brighter and firmer eyes. It contains natural ingredients that will help you get rid of fine lines around the eye area, crow’s feet, dark under eye circles and puffiness with its potent formula. It offers itself as an excellent alternative to the more offensive and expensive medical aesthetic treatments like Botox injections and dermal fillers.

Derma Active Anti-Aging Eye Serum Free Trial ReviewDerma Active Anti-Aging Eye Serum review

So, if you are suspicious about having a hurtful needle touch your eye area, eye serums like Derma Active are definitely the best solution. All it takes is, a little drop around your eye area in the morning and at night before going to sleep. What is good about serums is that it is formulated to be lighter and more fluid,compared with the heavier eye creams. It does not leave any residue and can be under makeup as it provides a smoother base on the skin.
You can take advantage of the Derma Active Serum’s 12-day Free Trial offer to see if it will work for you. All you need, is to pay shipping and handling fee of $5.00 for USPS First Class Mail (3 to 6 days delivery period) or $15.00 for USPS Priority Mail (2 to 4 days delivery period) to receive a 60 ml bottle of the product.

However, you should take note that if you do not cancel the order within the 12-day free trial period, you will be charged $59.00 for the trial bottle that you ordered. Also, you will be automatically enrolled in the subscription program, where you will receive a fresh new supply every 30 days thereafter.

Also, it is worthy to note that the 12-day free trial period starts from the time you made an order confirmation and not on the date of delivery of the product. With an average of 5 working days for your order to be delivered, you will only have about 7 days to actually test out the product.

Natural Active Ingredients

What I find really thriving about Derma Active Serum is that the site provides information on the active ingredients found on the product that can help address laugh lines, crow’s feet and flaccid eyelids. Some of the eye serums that I have reviewed before, boast of unique technology to support its anti-aging claims. Derma Active Serum, on the other hand, depends on its effectiveness on all-natural ingredients that have been known to yield results in firming and tightening the skin.

– Red Wine Resveratrol – an effective substance recognized for its capabilities to promote healthy cell growth and revitalize skin DNA

– Grape Seed Extract – It is an industrial derivative of grape seed that are packed with a powerful anti-oxidant called oligomeric proanthocyanidins or OPCs and linked to a range of therapeutic benefits. It helps improve the skin’s appearance by bonding with collagen, which makes the skin look more plump and young. It is even known as an effective and natural treatment for cloasma or melasma, a type of skin pigmentation condition. But, I have learned that there are quite a number of side-effects linked with this ingredient, which include sore throat, dizziness and itchy scalp.

– Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates and protects skin cells, binds water to the skin to improve agility and prevent wrinkles.

– Collagen – a renowned skin care ingredient that helps the skin look smoother and younger.

Derma Active promises that you will see visible results in just 4 weeks. While it depends on individual to individual, a skin care routine, which includes applying eye serums, will be visible after a full cycle of skin turn-over to take place. According to Palm Beach, Florida dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer takes at least a month. This is actually quite reassuring to know that their claim may hold true. But then again, you must remember that results may vary as each of our body makeup adapts to certain things differently.

Advantages of Derma Active Serum

– It helps get rid of crow’s feet, fine lines around the eye area, puffiness and sagging under the eyes.

– It is easy-to-use

– It has been featured in the media, including The New York Times, Oprah, ABC and CBS.

– Effective for both men and women

– Excellent alternative for Botox injections and Dermal Fillers

Disadvantages of Derma Active Serum

– It has short trial period to see good results

– No customer reviews found online

– It only targets wrinkles and puffiness within the eye area. There are other products that address the same issue not just for the eye area, but includes the entire face and neck area.

– The eye area is definitely a delicate part of the face and needs a great amount of attention to avoid showing early signs of wrinkles. In general, Derma Active 12-day Free Trial offer is a good addition to your overall skin care treatment. Its basic, yet effective, ingredients make it a reliable product that could work well for you. if you want to look your real age, or maybe even look younger than your age, Derma Active Serum could be the answer to the ‘’Fountain of Youth’’ that you are looking for.

Derma Active Anti-Aging Eye Serum contains natural ingredients that will help you get rid of fine lines around the eye area, crow’s feet, dark coloration under eye circles and puffiness with its potent formula. It offers itself as an excellent alternative to the more offensive and expensive medical aesthetic treatments, like Botox injections and dermal fillers.

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Submitted by Mary W. Apel

Must Read! Tripollar Pose Device Review

Must Read! Tripollar Pose Device Review

Review of the Tripollar Pose Device!

This is a review of the Tripollar Body RF POSE device. The goal of this review is to go through some background about the product, discuss the device and the technology and this reviewers findings. The background of the review is I have been using this device since it was made available in 2008. I want to share my findings with people that are deciding on whether to use this product, in order that they are educated concise decisions. Related: 0-6 Pack Abs Review

What you get in the box when the device arrives is the device itself, which is white, and usually on the left hand side of the box. You also get a DC converter/adapter which is a plug in variety. A very good thorough user manual, which is immersible when going along on this journey. You also receive some treatment gel. The device itself, there is a light on the device, on the front of it. On the bottom of the device there is this little cap, which comes off to reveal the treatment ahead. The on and off bottom of the device is located at the top of the device. The gel that is enclosed must be used in order for the device to work properly. The gel is very sticky as one would imagine. You want to use it sparingly, you really don’t have to use a lot to get a good contact with the skin.Tripollar Pose review

It does take a bit of effort to remove the gel when you’re in the shower to really get it off, because it’s so sticky, so to really get it clean, it’s best to shower it off. So as I recall the controls are on the top of the device. It’s best to start working on an area with controls set at low, and as the skin feels warmer, the device can be moved. The devise information is as follows. The weight of it is 118 g, frequency, 1 MHz, optimal for heating fat layers, Dimension, 152mm, Rating, 100 VAC, electrical safety, power supply class 2 double insulation. Rating AC The device has a indicator on the top of the device. What the indicator light does, it flickers on and off, when you are taking a treatment. What the indicator light is telling you, that you are getting near the optimal temperature of your treatment actions as you are getting closer to the end of your treatment or the amount of time being used for the treatment to still be affective in the area. The RF also works by the creation and firming up the area by collagen and elastine. That’s the thermal impact from the cells. This indicator light is monitoring all the time, to make sure it stays on, when it actually goes on, you know that you treated that area and to move on to the next area.Tripollar Pose review result

So the technology itself is tripollar technology, is third generation RF technology introduced by Pollogen LTD. They make a lot of the high spec salon radio frequency machines. The technology has been used for many years in professional salons and machines. The number of POSE gives a better focus for the radio frequency a sharper focus it’s a sort of a wash of radio frequency around the area. What the POSE do, the number of POSE do, sharpen the area in the area you are working in. The device has a safety cut out system, it also has an optional energy delivery indicator that has already been addressed. The treatment protocol is, this is for one area. One area you can treat two to three times a week, with a treatment being twenty minutes. You can undertake this for six to eight weeks. You can do this for each area. So for example you do thighs, buttocks and abdomen as one area, and other parts of the body as a secondary area. That way you are not over doing it. So it helps with saddle bags and love handles, those are the issues you would be addressing with these treatments.

Tripollar Pose review 2

Tripollar energy is basically radio frequency and works similar to the way a microwave oven reheats food. RF energy works on your tissue and acts as an agent to heat the skin and reduce fat. The tripollar technology works on the principle of having four lower powered RF beams heating the skin. Because you have these four beams, you actually get a better coverage with the hand held device then you would with using something that was bipolar. So you’re actually getting better coverage and more energy into the skin because of the amount of pose that you have on the device. The benefits of RF treatments is the generated heat caused the local contraction of the collagen fibers, therefore tightening the skin. This takes time depending on your age, it takes time you have to be diligent and consistent with the treatment to make that you keep your treatments up. The second benefit is the production of new collegian cells by local fibroblasts is stimulated by heating the dermis and it then acts as a new deep foundation for the skin. So as the heat is stimulating these cells and producing new collagen over a period of time. Collagen takes up to a month to grow, so you will not be seeing an overnight result again. Your skin will hopefully be plumper, that’s the second benefit. The third benefit is, RF improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage and gives you a healthy glow. Obviously lymphatic drainage is very important with what we’re trying to do with home devices. We don’t want is puffiness and trapped lymph in the neck areas which gives us that saggy look versus a taunt healthy look.

Those are the three benefits of using RF, basically it’s transmitting below the epidermis layer, down into the collagen elestin and what’s important with RF if you’re using it for tightening the skin and reducing the fat content. Let’s say you’re doing it at the abdomen, it’s the RF is active at the fatty level within the skin and causing the fat to break down in the same way that the bypoliss system works. RF when using it for fat reduction has the same affect on fat cells. So my finding is the devices are always well made and easy to control. They are very easy and simple to use. Since I bought the device in 2008, I’ve had great results. I know if I have an area I need to work on, it’s a combination of several things, like sensible eating and exercise. There are stubborn areas that I work with the tripollar and have gotten great results. It’s not overnight, it takes time, but it really does work. On it’s on it’s a really a brilliant devise. It works really great.

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Must Read! Tripollar Stop Review

Must Read! Tripollar Stop Review

Find the honest “Tripollar Stop Review” written by a user who bought it around 2008!

Tripollar Stop Review

This is a review for the Tripollar Stop hand held device. There is a lot of ground to cover when reviewing this product. To begin with, let’s look at an overview of the hand held device. The output has three different levels, low,medium and high. The output frequency is one megahertz and with the unit, the standard is a two year warranty. That is a pretty standard warranty and may be a little bit better than some.tripollar review

The cost varies from carrier to carrier. You can go directly to the manufacturer’s website to buy the product as well but it may be slightly higher from Ebay or Amazon. The box is comes with a few items, the STOP device comes with a Power Unit, RF Treatment Unit, RF treatment device. It also comes with Pre-Treatment Gel, Post Treatment Cream, instruction manual and DVD. The instruction manual is also available online at the manufacturer’s website. I bought this product around 2008 when it was first available and it’s still in excellent condition and works very well. You get a preparation gel that is used before the treatment and a post one that is used after the treatment. The moisturizing cream is what you use after the treatment. The preparation gel enables the device to have contact with the skin. The power control is in the box, and that has the three settings. The device which is usually red in color, has a power switch and a power connection.

Must read: Tripollar Pose Review

At the top of the device you have a green button, and that indicates that the device is on. On the other side of the device is this green switch. The device indicator is the green switch, which tell you when the device on on, when the RF is actually getting transmitted into the skin. There is a safety cut out device too. When the skin is getting to a certain temperature, talking about the epidermis right, lower down in the dermis. The actual device which itself is off, so you will be treating the skin, and the device on off light will flash accordingly, depending on the temperate of the skin. There is an inbuilt safety device, so with the areas you are working with, the device does get quite hot on the skin. There is an orange indicator just above the STOP name, that will be discussed in depth shortly. The RF Tripollar Energy works basically the same way a microwave does, when it reheats foods. The RF (radio frequency) energy acts on your tissue to induce heat. The Tripollar technology works on the principle of having four low power RF beams heating the skin. This heats the skin, and because you have four beams you actually get a better coverage with this hand held device. Versus using something that is bipolar meaning two beams. You’re actually getting better coverage to the skin because of the amount of beams that are used.

There are many benefits of RF treatment. The generated heat of the process causes local contraction of the collagen fibers, therefore tightening the skin. This can take some time depending on the age of the user. It’s said that for people over 50, the final result can take some time. You will still see some results, but the final results will take longer than for folks under 50, 40, 30, etc. For instance don’t expect the tightening aspect, if you have sag around the jaw area, neck area, don’t expect to have only four treatments and expect this to be lifted, it doesn’t work quite that way. It takes time, you have to be diligent and consistent with the treatment, and you have to be sure that you keep your treatments up. You’re not going to get the same effect as having a surgical facelift. In that process the whole face is lifted up. You will get a tightening in my experience and it does improve the appearance of your face and skin, it certainly worked for me. The second thing that RF actually has regarding the impact of RF on the skin is the production of collagen. This process involves the fibra blast cells and how light, the same way heat stimulates the cells and produces some new collagen. As the heat is stimulating these cells and producing new collagen and cells. This collagen is produced over a certain amount of time.

New collagen can take up to a month to grow. So you’re not going to see an overnight result. Again your skin will hopefully be plumper and thicker. The treated skin becomes thicker, and sets off many memorable memories. Another benefit of RF treatment is that it improves blood flow and gives you a healthy glow. That is a proven fact, it also improves blood flow, lymphatic drainage and at times it seems as though these issues are directly from the person in question. The skin takes on a very healthy glow. Lymphatic drainage is really important with what is being done with home devices. What we don’t want is puffiness and trapped lymph in many areas like the neck area. That will give someone that saggy look, versus a firm taut look. The radio frequency is transmitting low below the epidermis layer down into the collagen, elastic areas. What’s important if you’re using it for tightening the skin or reducing the fat content. So let’s say you might be doing that, actually the radio frequency works directly within the fatty content of the skin. That causes the fat to break down. In the same way that the sort of lyposliss systems when you’re using the radio frequency for fat reduction works the same exact way. What’s important with this STOP device is that it has no impact on the fat content in the skin. What we don’t want to do with the face is to reduce the fat padding. The fat padding does not get reduced here, because that’s what makes someone looking taught and older.

Tripollar Stop and Tripollar Pose Best Value Kit Reviews Tripollar Stop Results, Before and After Photos Pics, Youtube Videos, Side Effects 5

Tripollar Stop and Tripollar Pose Best Value Kit Reviews Tripollar Stop Results, Before and After Photos Pics, Youtube Videos, Side Effects 3

Tripollar Stop and Tripollar Pose Best Value Kit Reviews Tripollar Stop Results, Before and After Photos Pics, Youtube Videos, Side Effects 7

Tripollar Stop and Tripollar Pose Best Value Kit Reviews Tripollar Stop Results, Before and After Photos Pics, Youtube Videos, Side Effects 2

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